Seokchondong Residential Complex

Gwacheon Knowledge
Information Town

Anyang Industrial Center

Seongsudong H-Tower Knowledge
Industry Center

Hanam Misa Knowledge
Industry Center

Gasan Knowledge Industry Center

New Headquarters Alpha Holdings

New Headquarters
of Employment Information

New Headquarters of Easyrental

Cheongju Mega Place

Seongsudong Knowledge
Industry Center

Myanmar Korea Business Center

Knowledge Industry Center
of Technovalley

Hanyang Construction Company

Headquarter Duckchun Development

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
CO LTD Headquarter

Hanam Misa Officetel

Jongno Gwangjangdong Officetel

Jongno Inuidong Officetel

Gaundong Officetel

Korea Polytechnics Engineering /Education’s Living Center

Hoseo University Industry-Academic Cooperation

Korea National University of
Education’s Living Center

Chungnam State University
Student Hall

Guro-gu Complex Culture Town

Songdo International City Library

Incheon Inner Port
Imagination Platform

Jeongseon County Library
and Family Center

Anyang Disability Culture Center

Wonju Innovation Center

Jeongseon Youth Training Center

Dankook University Concert Hall

Marine Cable Car Project

Ocean Cliff Resort

Mariana Resort in Saipan

Incheon life APT
Transfer Business Masterplan

Busan Haeundae-gu Udong
Mixed-Use Complex

1113th Corps of Engineers Unit
Urban Development Project

Busan Mangmi-dong
Mixed-Use complex